Why Heritage Flour

What's the Difference? 

If you look at this picture from Jovial Farms, Carla, on the left, is holding stalks of Einkorn, one of the ancient grains.  The wheat to the right is a modern, hybridized wheat. If you notice, there is a considerable difference between the two. The one to the left is taller with less grains. The wheat to the right is shorter with larger heads of grain. We use Jovial’s Einkorn flour in our baking mixes and baked goods.

When you order our baking mixes and baked goods, you are choosing grain that has been genetically unchanged since the early domesticated varieties from thousands of years ago. It is both reasonable and comforting to expect these flours to continue to nourish and sustain us as they have reliably done across past millennia.  These ancient heritage grains are also inherently easier to digest and more flavourful and nutritious than modern varieties!

Jovial Einkorn up close
ecently harvested

More Flavor!

Heritage flours just taste great! The intensive farming methods used to increase yields have stripped flavor and vital nutrients from today’s wheat. With heritage flours, you can actually taste wheat the way nature intended it.

More Nutrients!

Compared to modern wheat, our heritage grains have a lower gluten content and are healthier and easier to digest. They provide a larger array of vitamins and minerals and  have up to 40% more protein than regular wheat, and up to 65% more amino acids. Our baking mixes and baked goods are also higher in micronutrients and antioxidants. These extra nutrients contribute to a greater feeling of wellness, so you’re not tired after eating empty flour calories.

Brief Comparison of Einkorn and Major Types of Wheat
See full nutritional matrix comparing 19 types of wheat (pdf), including einkorn.  This matrix also includes sources and references.

A Good Gluten?

The gluten in the ancient grains lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people can’t digest. If you are sensitive to modern wheat, heritage flours can perhaps provide a delicious alternative. Please note that these flours do contain gluten and therefore not safe for those with Celiac Disease.